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Brand: Cervelo Model: BSS-086484
2019 Cervelo C2 105 Disc Road BikeThe Cervelo C2 105 Disc Road Bike combines the comfort of endurance geometry, with the lightweight performance of a Cervelo carbon fibre frameset. Stiff where it matters, the light frame will help you accelerate up climbs and outsprint your friends.The Shima..
Brand: Cervelo Model: BSS-081517
2019 Cervelo C3 Disc Road FramesetAllowing for tyres up to 32mm wide, and with a unique geometry that targets an endurance position and a lightweight construction, the Cervelo C3 Disc Frameset is stiff and light enough to accelerate up the steepest climbs without compromising comfort on long d..
Brand: Cervelo Model: BSS-074393
2019 Cervelo C3 Ultegra Disc Road BikeThe Cervelo C3 Ultegra Disc is a superb road bike with the clearance for tyres up to 32mm, opening up a world of possibilities. The lightweight frameset is stiff where it counts, making this a bike that can climb with ease and outsprint plenty of its riv..
Brand: Cervelo Model: BSS-098644
2019 Cervelo P2 105 TT/Triathlon BikeThe Cervelo P2 105 TT and triathlon bike is the perfect option for anyone looking to take their first steps into the world of flat out aerodynamic speed with a dedicated racing bike, fit for the purpose.The P2 full carbon frame is identical to that of the..
Brand: Cervelo Model: BSS-089257
2019 Cervelo P3 TT/Triathlon FramesetFine-tune a perfect aerodynamic fit and build a race bike around your style and needs with the Cervelo P3 TT/Triathlon Frameset. Ideal for non-drafting events of all distances, the integrated aerodynamics offer both reduced drag and a distinctive design, so y..
Brand: Cervelo Model: BSS-093221
2019 Cervelo P3 Ultegra Di2 TT/Triathlon BikeFor the triathlete or time trialist, Cervelo have produced their famous P3 TT and triathlon bike with the benefits of superb electronic shifting from a Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset.The super stiff and aggressive full carbon fibre frame and fork ar..
Brand: Cervelo Model: BSS-086249
2019 Cervelo P5 Disc TT/Triathlon FramesetSaving 350 grams in weight and 17 watts of drag over their previous version, the Cervelo P5 Disc TT/Triathlon Frameset is an incredible starting point for a dream bike build. The all-new front end with external steerer/headtube assembly allows for a ve..
Brand: Cervelo Model: BSS-070349
2019 Cervelo P5X Dura-Ace Di2 Disc TT/Triathlon BikeWhen you demand so much from your body, it's only fair to demand the same from your equipment, and thankfully the 2019 Cervelo P5X Dura-Ace Di2 Disc TT/Triathlon Bike puts the rider at the centre enabling the innovative technology to work w..
Brand: Cervelo Model: BSS-096318
2019 Cervelo R2 105 Road BikeThe Cervelo R2 105 Road Bike represents excellent value, mixing a lightweight carbon fibre frameset with affordable components to deliver an R-series that's accessible to a lot more riders. At the heart of this fantastic road bike lies a carbon fibre frameset wit..
Brand: Cervelo Model: BSS-093236
2019 Cervelo R3 Road FramesetThe lightweight 2019 Cervelo R3 Frameset could be the core of your next bespoke bike build. Lightweight and with a unique carbon layup for exceptional stiffness and power transfer, this frame is designed for blistering acceleration and fast climbing. The racy geome..
Brand: Cervelo Model: BSS-086190
2019 Cervelo R3 Ultegra Road BikeThe Cervelo R3 Ultegra Road Bike is lighter, stiffer and more comfortable than its predecessor and demands its place on the most discerning rider's short list. The all carbon fibre frame and fork is seriously stiff and lightweight, delivering sublime handling..
Brand: Cervelo Model: BSS-086299
2019 Cervelo R5 Disc Team Sunweb FramesetThe Cervélo R5 Disc Frameset in Team Sunweb colours gives access to the same frame in the same colours that the professional riders use. The R5 is a sublime combination of stiffness, light weight and comfort that often sees it being used on mountainous..
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