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Brand: Campagnolo Model: BSS-202101181
Spokes Spokes: 24 Aero Elliptical, straight pull, double-butted 1.5mmSpoke pattern G3Nipples Aluminium Aero Mo-Mag, self-locking, internal Versions and weights ..
Brand: Campagnolo Model: BSS-202101186
Spokes 16 steel spokes in the elliptical cross sectionAnti-rotation technology Versions and weights Bright LabelOnly available for: ..
Brand: Campagnolo Model: BSS-202101185
Spokes Spoke count: 18 steel radial spokes on front wheel. 27 steel spokes with 2:1 spoke ratio on the drive sideExclusive G3 spoking pattern on the rear wheelSteel double-butted aero spokesG3 flange on the rear wheel ..
Brand: Campagnolo Model: BSS-202101189
Versions and weights Wheel for tubular tyrefront 800 grear 825 g Hub Aluminium hubCULT bearingsHub edge: 100mm (front), 120mm (rear)H..
Brand: Campagnolo Model: BSS-202101183
Spokes 21 steel spokes in the front spaced through the G3 system with double the amount on the disc side21 steel spokes in the rear spaced through the G3 system with double the amount on the cassette sideAnti-rotation technology on the radial spokes ..
Brand: Campagnolo Model: BSS-202101187
Spokes 24 slim steel circular-section spokes at the front, grouped according to the G3 system24 slim steel circular-section spokes at the rear, grouped according to the G3 system ..
Brand: Campagnolo Model: BSS-202101182
Spokes Spoke count: 16 (front), 21 (rear) (G3)RDB – Rim Dynamic BalanceAerodynamic Double-Butted SpokesAluminium spokesUltralinear™/DRSC™ geometrySelf-locking aluminium nipples ..
Brand: Campagnolo Model: BSS-202101184
Spokes Spoke count:16 variable-section stainless-steel radial aero spokes (front) and 21 variable-section stainless-steel aero spokes (rear) with a 2:1 spoke ratio on the drive sideRDBSteel spokes with aerodynamic profileExclusive MEGA-G3 spoke lacing pattern..
Brand: Campagnolo Model: BSS-202101188
Spokes Spoke count: 16RDB – Rim Dynamic BalanceAerodynamic Double-Butted SpokesStainless steel spokesAluminium nipples Versions and weights ..
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