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Fulcrum Wheels Bikes

Brand: Fulcrum Model: BSS-081255
Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon Disc Road WheelsetWith the ever growing trend towards disc brakes for both road and cross the Fulcrum Racing Quattro family sees an additional model that is perfectly compatible. The Racing Quattro Carbon comes in a disc brake format and thanks to its multiple a..
Brand: Fulcrum Model: BSS-072931
Fulcrum Racing Zero C17 Competizione Clincher WheelsetThe fourth member of the family. The Racing Zero Competizione adds an extreme performance alternative to the universally lauded Racing Zero series.The Racing Zero has been redesigned for 2017. Now 17 mm wide internally, when combined with..
Brand: Fulcrum Model: BSS-085276
Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite C17 Clincher Road WheelsetThe gold standard among high-level aluminum road bike wheels. With the unmistakable character that everybody knows well, the absolute ability to transmit your energy on the tarmac, its extreme riding precision. Unrivaled in the peloton, extr..
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