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Cervelo Frames Triathlon Bikes

Brand: Cervelo Model: BSS-089257
2019 Cervelo P3 TT/Triathlon FramesetFine-tune a perfect aerodynamic fit and build a race bike around your style and needs with the Cervelo P3 TT/Triathlon Frameset. Ideal for non-drafting events of all distances, the integrated aerodynamics offer both reduced drag and a distinctive design, so y..
Brand: Cervelo Model: BSS-086249
2019 Cervelo P5 Disc TT/Triathlon FramesetSaving 350 grams in weight and 17 watts of drag over their previous version, the Cervelo P5 Disc TT/Triathlon Frameset is an incredible starting point for a dream bike build. The all-new front end with external steerer/headtube assembly allows for a ve..
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