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Bianchi Road Bikes

Brand: Bianchi Model: BSS-093781
2019 Bianchi Aria Road BikeSleek aesthetics and performance combine in the Bianchi Aria 105 Road Bike, with a top aerodynamic frame and fork design to cheat the wind. Aggressive geometry makes this bike versatile enough for road racing, time trials and triathlons, so you can deliver your best,..
Brand: Bianchi Model: BSS-076946
2019 Bianchi Impulso E Ultegra Disc Road BikePerfect for the active cyclist that's looking to exceed their limits, the Bianchi Impulso E-Road Ultegra Disc Road Bike allows you to ride further, and with ease. With a Polini EP3 motor, you get motorised acceleration and a comfortable ride thanks to..
Brand: Bianchi Model: BSS-075195
2019 Bianchi Infinito CV Disc Road BikeBianchi's Infinito CV Ultegra Disc Road Bike has an endurance geometry and utilises Countervail technology for supreme comfort and control through even the longest days in the saddle. The modulated power of disc braking is confidence inspiring on fast d..
Brand: Bianchi Model: BSS-080742
2019 Bianchi Infinito CV Ultegra Di2 Disc Road BikeThe endurance geometry and Countervail technology of the Bianchi Infinito CV Ultegra Di2 Disc Road Bike allows you to ride longer distances in complete comfort. The stiff carbon frame and fork are complemented by Shimano's reliable and smooth ..
Brand: Bianchi Model: BSS-083936
2019 Bianchi Intenso Road BikeThe Bianchi Intenso 105 Disc Road Bike offers great value to riders looking for something that's as comfortable as it is fast. Punching well above its weight, the ride characteristics match those of top-end models, with an endurance geometry that makes it ideal ..
Brand: Bianchi Model: BSS-078451
2019 Bianchi Oltre Ultegra Road BikeBianchi's Oltre XR3 Ultegra Road Bike offers outstanding performance and sleek, stylish aesthetics. The carbon frameset includes Countervail technology to cancel vibrations and reduce fatigue to the muscles, consequently allowing you to perform at your best ..
Brand: Bianchi Model: BSS-094551
2019 Bianchi Oltre XR4 Di2 Disc Road BikeIncorporating disc brake performance and outstanding aerodynamics, the Bianchi XR4 CV Ultegra Di2 Road Bike utilises Countervail technology to absorb vibration and provide exceptional handling in this stiff and responsive frameset. Shimano's Ultegra Di2..
Brand: Bianchi Model: BSS-085139
2020 Bianchi Sprint 105 Disc Road BikeThe Bianchi Sprint 105 Disc Road Bike takes inspiration from the Italian brand's 1970's race bike of the same name and is ideal for those new to competitive cycling. The stiff and light carbon monocoque frame and fork have an aggressive racing geometry and..
Brand: Bianchi Model: BSS-089210
2020 Bianchi Sprint Ultegra Disc Road BikeBased on a 1970's classic, the Bianchi Sprint Ultegra Disc Road Bike has a race geometry and a lightweight carbon frame and fork for a stiff construction and stable and predictable handling. Shimano's Ultegra groupset ensures reliable smooth shifting a..
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