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Brand: ENVE Model: BSS-089631
ENVE 1 1/2" Tapered 29" 43mm MTB Disc ForkDesigned for the rider pushing forwards, onwards and further down the trail with an enhanced level of response and strength, the ENVE 1 1/2" Tapered 29" MTB Disc Fork is a rigid option for covering ground with supreme response and maximum control. Mad..
Brand: ENVE Model: BSS-099255
ENVE Road DISC Fork 2.0 The Road DISC Fork 2.0 is ENVE’s versatile disc-brake-only road fork that can handle tough road rides on rough road surfaces and even cope with un-made gravel roads. Featuring ENVE's famed one-piece carbon monocoque design the Road Disc Fork 2.0 includes a 100% uni-..
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