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Argon 18

Brand: Argon 18 Model: BSS-095365
2019 Argon 18 E-117 Daytona Pro 1 Triathlon BikeThe Argon 18 E-117 Tri Daytona PRO 1+ is a high-performing triathlon bike for a great price for the athlete looking to take a chunk out of their triathlon time. This bike is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of triathletes from young ..
Brand: Argon 18 Model: BSS-071081
2019 Argon 18 E-119 Daytona Pro 1 Triathlon BikeThe Argon 18 E-119 Tri bike is the summation of everything Argon 18 has learned about cheating the wind and riding fast. The design blows their previous top bike, the E-118 Next out of the water. Argon 18 is a big believer in balance. The bike ..
Brand: Argon 18 Model: BSS-098594
2019 Argon 18 Gallium Disc 8070 Di2 R400 Road BikeFor those looking for a true race geometry bike with maximum braking power, the Gallium Disc serves up legendary performance through and through. Feed your race fever. Live it like the pros. Be hell on wheels. This nimble number will give you a..
Brand: Argon 18 Model: BSS-074512
2019 Argon 18 Krypton CS Ultegra BikeArgon 18 created the Krypton platform to handle a wide array of conditions in comfort. A fondo bike, a cyclosportif bike, that sort of thing. This is the Krypton CS, short for CycloSportif. It’s an evolution of their endurance platform to make it more ..
Brand: Argon 18 Model: BSS-099126
2019 Argon 18 Xenon 24 BikeWith the Xenon 24, Argon 18 has built a road bike that any small person can feel comfortable going fast on. At this size, and for this rider, simpler is better, so Argon 18 stuck with proven technologies to build the bike. The frame is fabricated out of Argon 18..
Brand: Argon 18 Model: BSS-096258
2020 Argon 18 Electron C Track FramesetThe Argon 18 Electron C Track Frameset uses a clever press-fit 3D system to achieve the correct front end fit without the loss of stiffness associated with the use of spacers under the stem. The carbon frame and fork have been optimised for both aerodynam..
Brand: Argon 18 Model: BSS-072810
2020 Argon 18 Electron Track FramesetWith an aerodynamic aluminium frame and carbon fork the Electron Track Frameset from Argon 18 is perfect for building up into a race bike for the velodrome. The bottom bracket clearance and aggressive angles ensure speed and agility on the boards.Stiff and ..
Brand: Argon 18 Model: BSS-075672
Argon 18 Krypton XRoad Disc FramesetBased on the Krypton, the disc model is a truly remarkable bike. Its adapted AFS geometry gives you the versatility and stability to explore and ride off the beaten path. Moreover, it makes adjusting the bike to your morphology and finding the ideal positi..
Brand: Argon 18 Model: BSS-098171
Argon 18 Nitrogen Pro Astana Team Edition FramesetThe Argon 18 Nitrogen Pro Astana Team Edition frameset is available exclusively at Merlin Cycles in strictly limited numbers. The high-performance Nitrogen Pro aero road frameset is both stiff and lightweight and features aerodynamically effi..
Brand: Argon 18 Model: BSS-096484
Argon 18 Nitrogen Pro Frameset With Argon 18 Handlebars & StemWith cutting-edge aerodynamics and the benefits of Optimal Balance, the Nitrogen frameset has it all; providing light weight, rigidity and comfort. The Nitrogen will suit road and speed aficionados as well as those triathletes..
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